Unionville-landscapingUnionville is well known for its beautiful buildings, quaint neighbourhoods and more than stunning Unionville landscaping. Originally founded in 1794, this picturesque town of around 80,000 residents is considered one of the more affluent places in the GTA. Every year, thousands of visitors flock to the historic main streets many unique restaurants, pubs and shops as well as the famous Unionville Festival. In the 1970’s, concern about the city’s ever increasing growth prompted officials to place a moratorium on development for 25 years—but now that time has long since passed and what were once sprawling farm lands are now upscale housing developments that complement the city rather than hinder the look of its historical appeal.

For over the last 25 years, Hogan Landscaping has installed landscaping and hardscaping in Unionville and the surrounding areas of Toronto for many satisfied customers. Our Unionville landscaping projects have varied from simple backyard retreats to immaculate front yard landscapes that not only add to the curb appeal of the home, but also to the entire neighbourhood. Whether it’s a new look for your home’s driveway or you’re looking to redesign your entire Unionville landscaping layout, Hogan Landscaping is ready to work with you and any homeowners associations that may require specific materials to be used in the process.

While Unionville encompasses a wide range of space, many other cities such as Markham, Stouffville and Richmond Hill also lay claim to this fertile land and help to make it one of the more desirable places to live and work in and the greater Toronto area. Once surrounded by scenic farmland, Unionville still clings to its original history, heritage and architecture, with buildings in the area reflecting the historic structural design as well as walkways, greenways and other natural settings that distinguish Unionville landscaping from the rest of the area.

Whether you’re creating your Unionville landscaping from scratch or you’re looking to renovate a historic landscape to its Victorian Era glory, Hogan Landscaping is here to help. Our team of experienced landscapers can help you create a landscape that fits precisely within your budget, while giving you the features you want and still maintaining the one-of-a-kind landscaping found in Unionville and the surrounding areas.

Because Unionville is considered a historic conservation district, it retains strict building codes on the way your homes architecture and landscaping can be designed and installed. Preserving the historic appeal of Unionville has been part of the residents approach to development for decades and due to their unique stance on Unionville landscaping and development, the city has thrived as a cultural masterpiece and has inspired dozens of other communities in Canada and around the world to follow the Unionville method of development and create a city that still contains its original cultural, architectural and historical appeal while allowing the city to grow and modernize.

From opulent water features to enchanting entryways to amazing backyard retreats, Hogan Landscaping can help you get the most out of your Unionville landscaping project. Give us a call today at 1-905-640-8374 or fill out this form and let us help you create the perfect Unionville landscaping for your home or business.