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Spa and pool landscapingNo matter how you use your outdoor pool area—whether it’s for a fun-filled family playground or as your own private retreat—with the right pool landscaping your outdoor space can truly come to life with special features that enhance the space perfectly for entertaining, relaxing or just having fun.

Pool landscaping is more than just a few flowers and shrubs placed around the pool patio. Fabulous features such as gazebos, stone paths and landscape lighting all come together around the pool to create a space that is well balanced so activities are centered around the pool rather than the pool being the lone source of attention.

Because a pool is an expensive investment that you can only build once, it’s important to hire a landscape architect to help design a new pool, spa or hot tub as well as the landscaping, hardscaping and other important features that surround them. More often than not, a pool contractor is left to design the pool alone and the result is the pool, features and landscaping don’t quite complement each another—and in some cases, work against each other.

Here at Hogan Landscaping, we understand that the installation of your pool landscaping is more than just creating a gorgeous outdoor space. Customers deserve an outdoor pool area that not only looks great, but works great too. Our goal is to make customers happy from start to finish with their pool landscaping project, and we listen to your needs, wants and goals and incorporate that into the final design plan, ensuring each customer is completely satisfied with the finished result from beginning to end.

Whether you live in the more populated Toronto area or you enjoy a place in the quaint town of Stouffville, a pool, spa or hot tub can be the perfect place for you to escape the hustle and bustle of the city—or to enjoy the peace and quiet of your country home.  Adding basic features such as a flowing waterfall, garden pagoda or shade covered gazebo not only beautifies your pool landscaping, but it also adds to the enjoyment of an outdoor space immensely. Distinct landscaping features around your pool area can also help focus the attention solely on the pool—or create a more balanced design that draws attention to the features that surround the pool area.

From Markham to Richmond Hill to Unionville—Hogan Landscaping has been creating top of the line pool landscapes for clients in and around the GTA and surrounding towns for over 25 years.  Our team of pool landscaping professionals have developed a ten-step design process that allows homeowners to get the pool landscaping they desire, with minimal impact on the clients living space—and with a two year warranty on stonework and full year warranty on all plant material, Hogan landscaping will make sure you’ll be able to take pride in your outside for years to come. Give us a call today at 416-293-8474 or fill out this form and we’ll help you turn your pool landscaping dreams into a reality.