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Front yard landscapingAny real estate agent will tell you, the best way to increase the value of your home is to increase its curb appeal with front yard landscaping. When the front of a home is well-kept and neatly presented, the value will increase not only for the home itself, but for the entire neighborhood as well.

You can use the following landscaping ideas for your front yard to help you get the most return on your investment when you decide to renovate your front yard landscape.

Front Yard Stone Entryways

Your landscaping starts with your hardscaping and one of the best ways to finish any entryway to the home is with the elegant look of real stone. From the rustic features of river stone to the opulent look of flagstone, stone walkways are extremely durable and long-lasting, yet they add an unmistakable eye-catching feature to any front yard landscaping design. Stone also pairs well with a wide variety of colors and materials so no matter what the home’s architecture, color or style, a stone entryway can significantly increase the value of your home.

Retaining Walls

One of the hardest things to do in a neighborhood where all of the homes look the same is to stand out from the crowd. Retaining walls, columns and pillars all help to bring a strong visual connection to the home’s architecture, yet still maintain a unique front yard landscaping design that helps your home increase its curb appeal subtlety.

Container Gardens

Exquisite containers displaying gorgeous flowering can ensure that any front yard landscape is inviting and welcoming to all arriving guests. Containers help to break up the monotony of a long entryway sidewalk as well as designate specific areas to indicate tiers, steps or slopes. Container gardens are also a wonderful addition to front yard landscaping simply because they can be easily replanted each season with fresh and lush foliage, shrubs or flowers.

Front Landscape Lighting

While a well-landscaped front yard looks perfect in the day time, without the right landscape lighting at night, it’s not going to look like much at all. But lighting isn’t just to showcase your front yard garden design during the evening; it’s also perfect for increasing night time security around your driveway, street and front entryway—and with the addition of solar powered or low-voltage LED lighting, they can remain lit throughout the night without costing you a fortune in the process.

Multi-Tiered Landings

To create an inviting entrance leading to the front door using front yard landscaping design—one that leads the eyes to a wide variety of visual interests—multi-tiered platforms are the perfect addition to any front yard. Durable stone steps, tiers and retaining walls provide ample room for small container gardens and other landscaping features that can transform the look of any home or business overnight. Besides creating an interesting and appealing look that’s perfect for any front yard landscaping design, multiple tiered platforms make access easier by decreasing the amount of steps and frequency, ensuring navigating to and from the entryway simpler and more efficient.

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Front Steps Entrance Landscaping

Front Entrance Steps

Objective: To provide an interesting and inviting front entrance for a relatively small front yard Key Features: Planter pillars to provide focus and interests to the entrance  Wrap around steps allowing easy access from the driveway or walkway  Stonewall to retain existing grade and define the walkway  Simple low maintenance planting to accent the house…