Garden Care Services Richmond Hill



Garden Care After Landscaping

Don’t have time to look after your yard after landscaping has been completed? We offer personalized garden care for your home – weekly, bi-weekly, monthly or one-time.

  • Garden design
  • Planter arrangements
  • Sweeping & raking
  • Cleaning & de-littering
  • Pruning & dead-heading
  • Planting & removal
  • Turn over soil
  • Edging
  • Weeding

Why You Need Garden Care

You’ve invested so much into your yard’s beautiful landscaping, and you’re expecting it to last for years to come! But as you know, gardens can accumulate blown leaves, weeds and litter very quickly. If you don’t have the time to maintain your own yard, we’re here to help.


  • • Sweep curbs, walkways and driveways
  • • Rake lawns
  • • Rake and turnover soil of all flower beds
  • • Edge all garden beds
  • • Regular maintenance includes picking up any litter and debris from lawn, walkways, driveway, and gardens
  • • Annuals/Perennials are deadheaded when needed
  • • Hedges and shrubs are pruned when needed
  • • All unwanted vegetation (weeds) growing in gardens to be dug out and disposed of
  • • Any vegetation growth in gravel areas, walkways and driveways to be removed as well
  • • Fall: Work annuals into the soil if feasible; where it is not feasible, plants will be removed
  • • Removal and disposal of ‘winter-killed’ trees and shrubs
  • • Plant Spring flowers (flowers not included; at owners expense)
  • • Plus many more, specific to your yard!


  • Weekly, Monthly, or Fall and Spring cleanups:

    • We will get rid of those pesky unwanted weeds, cut back and prune
      plants, hedges and small trees
    • Rake up leaves, turn over garden beds
  • Garden Design:

    • We will work with you to design the garden of your dreams!
  • Planter Arrangements:

    • Changing them to suit each season, or even just for a special occasion,
      we want to personalize them just for you!
  • Planting:

    • Herb and vegetable gardens or a colourful flower garden, we’re here to
      make your wishes come true
    • Or if you just want to freshen up your garden by adding new flowers, we’ll
      plant them!
  • Now offering one-on-one plant/garden education specific to your home!

    • Ashleigh’s Horticulture is one-on-one plant and garden education specific
      to your home! It is a customized garden care plan for you to follow to
      make your plants thrive all season long


Gardens By Ash, specializes in horticultural plant and garden care for your home. We are here for all of your maintenance needs, from: weekly, bi-weekly, or monthly maintenance, to spring and fall cleanups. Along with doing regular cleanups, we also do planting jobs; whether, it is coming up with new creative ideas to freshen up your existing gardens or adding new plants, we’re here to do it all for you! Also, to make your home look that much more inviting, we do seasonal planter arrangements; whether, it’s changing them with the season or just a special occasion, we’ll personalize them just for you! Sit back, relax, and enjoy your yard! Let us do the work!

Our Promise:

We guarantee that the work being performed on your property, will be completed within the promised timeframe and budget; as well as, consistent and open communication, throughout the process, ensuring that nothing goes unnoticed.

Areas We Serve:

Whitchurch-Stouffville, Uxbridge, Markham (Unionville), Richmond Hill, Aurora, Whitby, Pickering (Claremont), Oshawa, Orillia, North York (401 and Bayview)




Ashleigh’s Horticulture

Have a green thumb, but your gardens aren’t thriving as you want? We want to help you become a pro at home and keep your gardens looking lush and full all season long! We offer in-person horticultural instruction so you can grow an even greener thumb!

What it is:

  • One-on-one plant education
  • Specialized instructions on how to care for your gardens
  • Most appointments last 1-2 hours


  • Step 1: A specialists will walk around your property with you and discuss your current gardens. What are you main areas of concern? What you need to know?
  • Step 2: After the meeting a personalized garden care plan will be sent to you. Addressing all your garden needs.


Ashleigh Hogan has grown up in the landscape business. Working for her father–owner of Hogan Landscaping– since she was 13 years old, and learning plant care and maintenance along the way; she knows all about the business, landscaping and plants.

Ashleigh has had 5 years post-secondary education in business, and management; and is now, ready to put all her experience to work for you. She has been working in plant and garden care for the past 13 years as well, so, she has a wealth of knowledge in the field. After growing up in the industry, and having done maintenance for the past years, she has decided to pursue plant and garden care full-time. She has learned from the best, and that’s reflected in the quality and creativity in all of her garden designs.

In 2018 Ashleigh started Gardens By Ash to pursue her passion for plants. She holds herself to high standards to provide the best quality, in both customer service and work being completed.


Please fill out the form below to inquire about a quote with Gardens By Ash, and we’ll get back to you soon, or give us a call directly at: (647)-449-0697: